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Lunaris Games are looking for a secondary background artist to work on our LGBTQ+ visual novel, Call Me Under, set to release in late 2021 on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch. We require someone who can match our existing artist's cel-shaded art style (examples below) to help us bring the vibrant 1950s setting to life. 

Call Me Under takes place in the mysterious city of Styx, an underwater, eldritch-horror-infested world soaked in dark magic, mystery, and romance. The game is rated Mature 17+ for strong language, sexual themes, dark humor, violence, and body horror/blood.

Work scope


15-20 backgrounds with alterations (lighting & minor detail edits)



April - late August 2021


- Applicants must be 18+ 

- Be happy to communicate regularly via Discord 

- Provide regular WIPs and updates

Work alongside our existing artist to replicate style and maintain consistency 

- Iterate on feedback 

General Information

- Lunaris Games are a fully queer team and diverse applicants are highly encouraged

- This is a remote, freelance contract position 

- Successful applicant(s) will be given an electronic contract and NDA

- Payments will be made monthly via PayPal or bank transfer

- We will not be able to reply to every candidate to inform them if they are unsuccessful 

The application will remain open until Saturday 3rd April but we may extend if we require more applicants. Examples of our existing backgrounds are below and you can also download our free demos over on (link in menu).


Please send your rates and examples of your work to with the subject 'background artist'

killing moon.png
Lounge w_lighting.PNG
Atrium w_Lighting.PNG

Artwork by Bailey Cooper

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